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It used to be my “satellite office” when I worked at home, then when I found a great co-working space in New Haven called The Grove, it became something else. Most Sundays for the last couple years, after church and before a wonderfully cooked dinner at home, this is where I would dream about and   

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Saw a tweet today about a great baseball announcer making a great call on a game-winning come from behind inside the park home run. Yep Baseball is a boring game.

Father-son trips to the ballpark for an important game are priceless. The connection of baseball to generations is real. My dad took me to my first game at Connie Mack to see the Phillies play the Giants with Orlando Cepeda and Willie Mays. My son and I drive down to CBP for Saturday night and   

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Reposting a blog about Opening Day. Explains why launching Phantasy Baseball last week was so important. Why MLB Opening Day Is the Best Kickoff Event in Sports

Saturday Night March 23rd at The Grove. Food and entertainment and maybe a reading from the bashful author.

I’m heading to LLWS pretty soon. Really excited about it.

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