About the Author John Hoda

It was a blistering hot day 2011 at Citizens Bank Park. John Hoda and his son saw Roy Halladay win. This game was the week after he left a game at Wrigley for “heat exhaustion”. They would have had to pry the ball out of his hand before he’d leave this game. Water was $4.00 a pop in the bleachers. Great father-son experience with his son John Michael.

John was wearing one of his oldest sweatiest caps. You can tell.

John Hoda has been a life long Phillies fan. He suffered through September of 1964 and Joe Carter’s golf shot in 1993. He rejoiced in 1980 and 2008. John has seen a dozen games at Connie Mack with his best friend George Hyland. He and George would take the Red Arrow Line from Norristown to 69th St in Upper Darby and ride the Market St EL all the way to City Hall, then out Broad St to 22nd ‘n Lehigh. When John was old enough to drive, they played hooky from school and went to the opening of the VET. John spent many a summer night in the 700 level yellow seats with a cold beverage and cheesesteaks from a stand-up place at 10th ‘n Oregon. He later moved to CT where he lives with his wife Gloria. John doesn’t get to many games, but thanks to MLB.com he is still able to follow the action.

January 2012, John Hoda was able to attend Phantasy Baseball Camp and had a “bucket list” experience. He was fortunate enough to play baseball in the sun and rub shoulders with the Phillies Legends. It was a Phantasy come true.